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About Us


Erin is a mother of three wonderful children and has been happily married for 15 years. She grew up in the interior before moving to Abbotsford, and then to Chilliwack in 2004. In between working part-time and caring for her family, she founded Sensory Bridge Events. Erin has a Liberal Arts Diploma from the University of the Fraser Valley.

Erin likes to read, especially Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. She loves coffee and Girl Guide thin mint cookies. She likes to surf Pinterest for crafts she will never actually attempt and dinner recipes that she might. Erin loves teaching Sunday school and laughing. Modern design and organization make Erin very happy. Being organized makes life a lot easier. Her weakness is shoes and purses, even though the kids get their princess sneakers and cool backpacks before she’s able to indulge. Erin just loves being a mom, with all of its trials and tribulations; it’s still the best job.

Sensory Bridge Events has a special place in Erin’s heart. Her son has Sensory Processing Disorder. Erin’s passion for helping her son navigate the trials in his life has helped her to understand the need there is for an organization like this.

When she takes her son out to an event or store, she notices all of the little things that might not bother you or her, but can be incredibly difficult for her son. The noise, the crowds, and the disorientation can take the fun out of a lot of events. It has changed the way her family celebrates holidays and special occasions.

Erin’s purpose, her dream, is for special needs children, and their families, to enjoy events just as much as anyone else.