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**Registration for Sensory Santa is now open**

Sensory Santa

Sensory Santa, in partnership with Cottonwood Mall.

Santa is looking forward to meeting all of the children. Every year he knows that some special needs kids are unable to see him because the visit to the mall can be overwhelming. The mall is busy. Bright lights, loud noises, and too many people around can make the trip no fun at all. 

This year, Sensory Bridge Events and Santa have decided to make things a little easier. There will be time slots available for each family. To make sure everyone has a good time, there will be no loud props, jingle bells, or toys. All of our “elves” will be fragrance-free.

No one will need to feel rushed and your child is free to roam around until they are ready for Santa.

Please go to our registration page to contact us about a time slot.



CALM CHRISTMAS @ Decades Coffee Club

Saturday December 5th Decades will be opening an hour early just for us. Come make memories with your family.  Santa will be there to talk or take informal photos with children.  Large colouring sheets, face painting, and a quiet sensory room will be available. Please go to our registration page to reserve your spot.

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